Say goodbye to the same old, dull green and black poop bags! At URBAN BAGZ - Los Angeles, we've revolutionized the mundane world of pet waste management, infusing it with vibrant colors that reflect your doggy’s unique personality, inspired by hues that pay homage to the local landscape. We decided to inject colors that add joy into an otherwise dreary industry because we believe there's a brighter way to tackle this not-so-pleasant task!

As pet parents of two, we dreaded the chore of managing two dogs on leashes while fumbling with a poop bag that refused to open easily, often tearing in the process and struggling with it in despair while others watched. We knew there had to be a better way!

Our answer was to create doggy waste bags that are equally eye-catching as they are practical. They feature specially designed perforations for easy separation, weighted 20-micron thick material in a matte silky-smooth finish, ensuring easy, one-handed opening that is effortless, even with two dogs in tow. Our dog bags are offered in a spacious 9”x13” size, and are heavy duty to tackle even the biggest of your dog’s duty!

Our doggy waste bags are not only stylish but environmentally responsible too. They break down in just 90 days under ideal conditions, minimizing their impact on our planet. They've undergone rigorous testing to meet the ASTM D-6400 standard for composability, proving our commitment to the environment. We've designed a doggy waste bag that benefits both the environment and our loyal canine companions!

We're not just about making life easier for pet parents and designing cool looking Dog waste bags; we're on a mission to see the end of the dog meat trade and that's why a portion of every sale goes directly to non-profit organizations fighting tirelessly towards its complete abolition. We acknowledge the long road ahead in addressing plastic waste and the dog meat trade, but we firmly believe that, together, we can make a difference—one bag at a time!